When we grow spiritually, we discover about our self or more we find ourself we grow spiritually.

When we realized difficult part of the Universe our transformation and chance speed accelerate.


The Bigger picture in our life become apparent when we grow up spiritually. When our will combines with higher will than we receive bigger awareness through our evolution path and our experiences on the way. We would quickly embrace the thing we need to transform and with this awareness we can change them by discovering our life purpose and realize them.


Spiritual growing up is similar to personal development but with one difference; when we improve spiritually, we can contact with a power bigger than us and we can use this contact for our growth. Our Essence and God /The whole works with our personality ego, and assists self-confidence, self-love, clarity and improvement of our other outstanding qualities. If we work on personal growth about our essence, the travel, change and transformation become more vivacious and joyous.


It is ensured that you remember the karmas we created conscious or unconscious as far as you are ready or allow with unconscious studies made in From Essence to Essence Communication. Karmas that we felt adverse effects and its influences are solved by confrontation, taking the lesson and raising awareness.



Works can be done in Öz'den Öze İletişim,


  • Honesty,

  • Attention to confidentiality,

  • To have an intention to solve longing of the essence,

  • High standards, 


Those ethic rules are has been considered.


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