I was born in Istanbul. I have graduated from Istanbul University the Faculty of Economics and Econometry and Near East University of Clinical Psychology. The challenges and some disease which I experience during my youth made me realized that I have two option: I would either complain about them and be unhappy or would change my thinking and attitude and be happy.

I have created a new path for me from the idea that we all come to this world to be happy. I managed the cure illness which were affecting the quality of my life with the power of thoughts one by one with the surprise of doctors such as asthma, psoriasis, hyperthyroid, hemorrhoids, reflux, sinuses, chronic colds. I have had working experience in a bank, shipping company, insurance company, the consultancy company in various position and sales and marketing executive in a nursery.

However, I was unable to fill my potential, unable to do things I want to do and express myself fully. I have started to read personal growth books and attend some seminars where I improved myself. When I share all the knowledge with my relatives and friends who are also seeking those things and see on them made me euphoric. Meanwhile, I was still dealing things that happened in the past, and I was unable to change my point of view on things. I was not myself yet.

After working on myself, I realized that my calling in this life is to support people for change and help them develop but since I was unable to solve this crucial issue in my life I could not start my journey. When I meet and start repression therapy training, I noticed the changes in me and others when I conducted some sessions during my training, after that I knew time has come; Journey has started, and I said the path is the one who know the way.



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